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Raptor 1.0 speaker, front Raptor 1.0 speaker, top Raptor 1.0 speaker, left side Raptor 1.0 speaker, right side Raptor 1.0 speaker, back Mancave Metal High Fidelity Loudspeaker Video, back
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Raptor 1.0, High Fidelity Loudspeaker
Dimensions: 55 in. high, 24 in. wide, 24 in. deep, approximately 230 lb.
An optional 1000 watt amp, pre-amp, and Bluetooth are available

The Raptor 1.0, with its sinister structure and Terminator inspired metal, is the product of thousands of hours of development and refinement. Each of these high-end loudspeakers is handcrafted using countless custom machined parts, ensuring each Raptor 1.0 is a one-of-a-kind work of art. This meticulous process is essential in creating their science fiction aura. The left and right speakers appear to be identical mirror images. Upon closer inspection, their artistic uniqueness becomes clear. At nearly five feet tall, these fascinating works of art are unforgettable.

In order to assure the Raptor's audio performance matches the visual impact, we looked no further then Bill Dudleston, chief engineer and founder of Legacy Audio. By utilizing Legacy's world-class proprietary silver graphite carbon-fiber drivers, the Raptor's dynamic performance equals their compelling design. This innovative seamless merging of industry leading Legacy components and outrageous hand-formed iconic steel is the chemistry that places the Raptor 1.0 in a timeless class of its own. Legacy's 15-inch carbon-fiber sub-driver is enclosed in a multilayer port-tuned cabinetry to maximize its outstanding base. The unrivaled clarity of Legacy's 7 and 5 1/4 carbon-fiber drivers release spectacular vocals. The compression horn tweeter centered in the "eye" above the cabinet energizes the ear tingling highs. The terminator style hand grips the "eye" mid-air over the cabinetry. This hand appears to have torn through the ripped metal enclosure, seizing the red glowing eye. The Hollywood themes continue with imbedded 45-caliber magnum bullets in the back panel of the Raptor 1.0.

The inner cabinetry is assembled from compressed CNC machined wood. CAD designs were utilized to maximize the inner cabinet's structural strength and to prevent resonance. The steel outer cabinetry is a stepped layer construction incorporating various vibration-arresting technologies. The metal cabinetry is primed and vertically sanded to create the battle-worn patina. Lastly, the metal panel's structural strength is fortified with staggered MIG welds and stainless steel attachment points.

Pipe Dreams speaker, right Pipe Dreams speaker, right
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Pipe Dreams, High Fidelity Loudspeaker
Dimensions: 32 in. high, 12 in. wide, 12 in. deep, approximately 100 lb.
4 ohms, 80 watts or greater power recommendation

Pipe Dreams embodies all the precision and aesthetic impact of the Raptor 1.0 but on a smaller scale. Pipe Dreams will become the center of attention for any den, office, or home theater. Its outstanding audio clarity and ominous artistic statement capture your attention. Pipe Dreams is a two-way speaker featuring Legacy's 8-inch carbon-fiber driver and a tweeter enclosed in the science fiction style eye. A subwoofer is recommended to handle deep base and is available separately. Mancave Metal style pedestals are available separately for the perfect presentation.

Eye-Conic Red speaker, lit red Eye-Conic Red speaker, unlit
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Eye-Conic Red, Speaker
Dimensions: 12 in. high, 9 in. wide, 11 in. deep, approximately 25 lb.
4 ohms, 80 watts power recommendation when used in a stereo application

Eye-Conic Red is a speaker that combines the incredible detail of the Terminator style hand and the red glowing eye of the Raptor 1.0. This speaker is a perfect size for the desktop, bookshelf, or pedestal display. Eye-Conic Red can be purchased as a single speaker for a computer system or in pairs for stereo enjoyment. The eye holds Legacy's 5 1/4 carbon-fiber driver and a tweeter. A subwoofer is recommended. Mancave Metal designed pedestals are available separately for the perfect presentation.

Hostile Take-Over, view 1 Hostile Take-Over, view 2
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Hostile Take-Over, Accessory
Dimensions: 12 in. high, 9 in. wide, 6 in. deep, approximately 15 lb.

Hostile Take-Over is a work of art inspired by the hand from the Terminator movie and was created from a passion with unlimited artistic detail. This incredible metal android hand embodies over fifty individual parts in each movable finger. The extraordinary amount of time it takes to machine these individual steel parts is critical to ensure their precision and quality. The fingertip alone requires four different machining steps before it is specifically sized, polished and welded to the adjoining knuckle. This custom filing is very critical in achieving the authentic curve in each finger, enhancing the humanlike appearance.

Hostile Take-Over is a stand-alone icon for the home or workplace. You may prefer this art as an integrated part of a speaker design such as the Raptor 1.0 or Eye-Conic Red. Either way, its dimensional details and life-like shape make this work of art a centerpiece of conversation and fascination. Matching Mancave Metal designed pedestals are available separately to complete the perfect presentation.

Engineering and artistic improvements may be incorporated without notice.

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